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The Value of Japanese Language Education

Nowadays, Japanese language education develops human resources for the future world, especially in the Asia.
Also it can show Japanese traditional culture and the present society to the world.
The true recognition raised by good education helps to get over difference in culture and make friendly relations.
It promotes to enhance recognition and the relationship of mutual trust for Japan.
Besides, in order to keep Japan stable and attractive country, we need to welcome people from overseas to have cultural, economical,  and human exchanges.
As stated above, Japanese language education gets more important for multicultural coexistence.

Students First

We, Saitama Briller Japanese language school, educate overseas students who want to study in institutes of higher learning or find a job in Japan.
Students will study not only language but also about culture, and  get Japanese proficiency through life in Saitama Briller Japanese language school.
Studying at Saitama Briller Japanese language school enables you to grow up to be a great independent Japanese user.
We are making efforts to achieve student’s individual goal professionally with the whole of your student’s life.
Thank you.

Saitama Briller Japanese Language School
President:KAWAHIRA Kenji