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Saitama Briller Japanese Language School = SBJ

Achieve Advanced Japanese Language skills
To prepare for the Japanese University selection test, it is first necessary to acquire the N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT). Students are required to acquire elementary-intermediateadvanced and advanced Japanese proficiency according to the students’ abilities in order to achieve Japanese University acceptance. International students should acquire advanced Japanese Language Proficiency by the spring of the following year in order to pass university, and achieve university success.

University Exam Preparation
It is necessary to provide guidance according to each student’s aspirations.Teachers who have a track record of university entrance guidance offer individual preparation classes to support international students firmly.

1. interview
Interview examinations are used in almost all selection examinations for international students. In interview test, you need to be able to express in Japanese what you want to study at your chosen university and undergraduate department and how you want to use it in the future. In addition to expressing your enthusiasm for going on to the university, you will be taught to express your ideas accurately.

2. Essay
More and more universities are using essay exams each year to confirm the ability of international students to compose sentences in Japanese. There are several essay tests, but in each case, it is often the case that after a certain situation is shown, an opinion on the situation is sought. Students will learn the composition and writing skills to logically convey their opinions and assertions.

Teachers and staff

Principal : Kiyotaka Kumakawa
  • Graduated from Waseda University
  • Former Director of Nippon Kogakuin College, Hachioji College of Nippon Kogakuin
  • Former Principal and Director of Bunka Kagakuin
  • Former Director and Former General Manager of SHOKURYO GAKUIN
  • Former Principal of Active(Actors School)
  • Former Director of Hanshin Automobile and Aviation College
  • Former Director, Foundation for the Promotion of Image and Arts Director
  • Class Japan Educational Organization Director
  • NPO Youth and Girl Motorsports Promotion Board Member
  • Japan Academy Awards Association

China Inner Mongolia Office

Bao Xiaoguang
  • Inner Mongolia Akamine Academy Graduated from Art Education
  • Tokyo Gakugei UniversityArt Education Woodworking Master’s degree

China Inner Mongolia Office

A Rong
  • Inner Mongolia Normal University Graduated in mathematics
  • Chiba University Mathematics / Information Mathematics Graduate from graduate school

China Hangzhou Office

Wang Yang
  • Zhejiang University Graduated from Computer Science
  • Tokyo Fuji University Graduated from Graduate School of Economics

Vietnam Hanoi Office

Luu Thi Ha
  • Hanoi University Graduated from School of Japanese Language
  • MOMOYAMA GAKUIN University Graduated from School of Social Sciences

Nepal Office

Naresh Basnet
  • Namuna Machhindra University Graduated
  • Shinjuku College of Information technology Graduated
  • SANNO University graduate School Completion(MBA)

School building

School Building Exterior
Classroom A
Classroom B


Name of facility : Saitama Briller Japanese Language School
Address : Postal code : 350-1306
  1-14-15 Fujimi, Sayama-shi, Saitama-ken, JAPAN
TEL : +81-4-2941-6951
FAX : +81-4-2941-6981
Access : 9 minutes walk from Sayamashi Station on Seibu Shinjuku Line


Kawagoe Kurazukuri Townscape
Sayamashi Station West Exit
Irumagawa River
Cycling Road

Sayama Real Estate Group

One-stop real estate and home services with the aim of creating happiness for customers

Estd.1979-Sayama Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Real Estate trading store 4 stores
Nursing Home 2 facilities
Managing Mansion / Apartments 1,800 rooms
Available 3,200 Parking lots

Estd. 1989 – Apple Home Co., Ltd.
6 Exhibition Halls
Reform shop 2 stores
Number of new homes delivered 172yearly (As of December 19, 2019)

Estd. 2001- House Net Co., Ltd.
Rental 2 Stores

Estd. 2018-Saitama Briller Japanese Language School

Approximately 210 employees (whole group)

Major Bank
Mitsubishi UFJ Tokyo Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Musashino Bank vand others

Nobuaki Ito


Since our inception in 1979, the Sayama Real Estate Group has been aiming to be a company that can communicate with residents, especially in the western part of Saitama Prefecture. At present, we provide highquality products and services in all aspects related to living and make every effort to help everyone. We believe that accepting a large number of overseas human resources is necessary for the region to remain attractive and that developing human resources is our important mission.