Admission procedure

Schedule until admission

1. Study Abroad
2. Submission of documents
Submit all necessary documents to the school.
3. Preparation for “Resident Status” application
The school will review the documents submitted by the applicant and, if successful, prepare each document to be submitted to the Immigration Bureau. Submit all necessary documents
4. Immigration Bureau inspection
The school submits the applicant’s documents to the Immigration Bureau by the specified date.
5. Announcement of passing status of residence
After the immigration bureau has completed the examination, a certificate of eligibility will be issued to the school and the school will contact the applicant.
6. Pay tuition Fee
Transfer the tuition fee to the designated school account by the designated date.
Transfer the dormitory fee at the same time.
7. “Eligibility” and “Admission permit”*
Send the original documents such as “Certificate of Eligibility” and “Admission Letter” to the applicant.
※Short-term study abroad students only need to complete the [*]
8. Apply for a student visa
Apply for a student visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate with the required documents.
9. Departure preparation
After preparing the items necessary for studying abroad in Japan, check the school opening time etc.
Determine the departure time according to your dormitory time and school guidance.

Submission Schedule

  April Admission Oct. Admission
1. Acceptance of application Aug. to Aep. Feb. to Mar.
2. Interview / Selection Aep. to Act. Mar. to Apr.
3. Collection of required documents and translation into Japanese, application form Oct. May
4. Submit application form to Tokyo Immigration and Resident Management Bureau Nov. May

Required documents

1. Admission application, resume, reason for enrollment
2. Original diploma or certificate of expected graduation with final education
3. Educational certification document * China
 (1) National high school student information consultation vocational guidance center
 (2) Original certification report of educational background etc. issued from either the Faculty of Education degree or Research Student Education Development Center
4. Final Academic Record
5. Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate
 (1) Proof of studying Japanese (more than 200 hours)
 (2) Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 or higher
 (3) Pass certificate of NAT Test, J Test, etc.
 (4) Other proof of Japanese Language ability
6. Documents certifying the applicant’s background (such as a resident’s card showing the family)
7. Expense support letter, sponsor’s family list, resident card with family details of sponsor
8. Certificate of deposit balance, copy of passbook, or 3 years of bank account details
9. Employer’s certificate of employment (original employment certificate or business license or company transcript)
10. 3 years of certificate of income of the sponsor, 3 years of tax certificate of the sponsor
11. Copy of passport, 3 photos (4cm x 3cm) make sure to write your name on the back

Necessary documents *Japanese translation is required for all documents

Application Requirements

Eligibility :
 Those who have completed school education for 12 years or more, or have equivalent qualifications
Enrollment period : April, October
Application period :
 April semester : October of the previous year ~ Early December
 October semester : April ~ Early June

Expenses to be paid upon enrollment
(consumption tax 10% included / As of October 2019)
  2 years course 1 year 6 months course
Year 1 expenses 812,900 yen 812,900 yen
Dormitory fee for 6 months
(4 person room)
120,000 yen 120,000 yen
Total 932,900 yen 932,900 yen

Cost Details

  2 years course
1st year 2nd year
Selection Fee 22,000 yen
Admission Fee 55,000 yen
Tuition Fee 686,400 yen 686,400 yen
Material Fee 49,500 yen 49,500 yen
Extracurricular Activities
Equipment Costs
Total 812,900 yen 735,900 yen
  1 year 6 months course
1st year 2nd year
Selection Fee 22,000 yen
Admission Fee 55,000 yen
Tuition Fee 686,400 yen 343,200 yen
Material Fee 49,500 yen 24,750 yen
Extracurricular Activities
Equipment Costs
Total 812,900 yen 367,950 yen